Musicians Speak with Joseph Celli
Joseph Celli Interviews Phill Niblock (Part 1) - Intermedia artist Phill Niblock discusses his early years in NY and the beginnings of his art making and we also hear several of his compositions. Feb. 20, 2020
Joseph Celli Interviews Phill Niblock (Part 2) - Drone master and minimalist extraordinaire Phill Niblock discusses his art making process and we listen to two of his compositions spanning forty years. Feb. 20, 2020

Joseph Celli Interviews Jen Shyu - Jen discusses her remarkable background and music studies around the world and we listen to six pieces of hers that have received wide critical acclaim. Feb. 13, 2020

Joseph Celli Interviews Ingrid Laubrock - Improvising composer/saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock talks about her various ensembles with Tom Rainey, Kris Davis & others as well as her compositional activity. Feb 5, 2020

Joseph Celli Interviews Rez Abbasi - Guitarist/composer Rez discusses several of his releases including A Throw of Dice, Oasis and Unfiltered Universe. Jan 17, 2020

Joseph Celli Interviews Kyoko Kitamura - Kyoko discusses her work as an improvising vocalist, composer, band leader & Executive Director of Anthony Braxton’s Tri-Centric Foundation and we also listen to several of her recordings. Dec 8, 2019

Joseph Celli Interviews Miguel Zenon - Zenon discusses his new release Sonero: The Music of Ismael Rivera and is joined by Frank Delgado discussing Rivera’s impact on salsa music. Sept 8, 2019

Joseph Celli Interviews Mario Pavone - Composer/bassist/jazz musician Mario Pavone discusses his collaborations with Anthony Braxton, Paul Bley, Wadada Leo Smith and an emerging generation of improvisors. July 9, 2019

Joseph Celli Interviews Matthew Shipp - Radio Host Joseph Celli interviews composer/improvisor/pianist Matthew Shipp about his upcoming concert and his approach to jazz and improvisation. May 12, 2019

Joseph Celli Interviews Gustavo Matamoros – Composer, sound artist and founding director of the Subtropics Music Festival discusses several of his electroacoustic compositions. August, 20 2018